Investment and Financial Products Litigation


The attorneys at Smith Phillips have long been at the forefront of litigation involving investments and financial products. Smith Phillips has extensive experience in individual and class action litigation involving annuities, insured investments and a myriad of other financial products.

Smith Phillips Partner Richard T. Phillips has served as lead counsel in nationwide class actions involving such financial and investment products. See, e.g., Florence R. Roberts, Individually and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated. v. FFP Advisory Services, Inc., Civil Action No. 1:05-cv-38-D-D (N.D. Miss.) (Lead Counsel in nationwide settlement regarding insured financial products lawsuit).

Smith Phillips has an established track record of successful results in individual, as well as class and complex, litigation on behalf of investors and the purchasers of myriad insurance, investment and financial products. Have your been misled regarding investment or financial products? Smith Phillips is uniquely qualified to assist you. Contact Richard Phillips or Jason Nabors with any issue you may have concerning financial and investment products sales practices or performance litigation.